Katie Polone
Where do I begin. I am so glad I decided to come to this shop! I actually had an appointment at another nearby shop and something in me told me to cancel. I am so happy I did. Angelita picked my dress. We went through and set a budget, picked gowns that I liked. I tried on so many I couldn't keep them apart and I liked them all but none of them really sparked anything. They were just pretty dresses. Angelita said she had the perfect dress for me. She pulled it and when I saw it I thought, "Not what I'm looking for". It was Ivory with champagne detail and more silky than traditional and didn't look like the stunning gown I envisioned. But I put it on it to humor her. IT had EVERYTHING I wanted. Trust her! She is so good at listening to what you say and can see the way things look on you. She can take an overwhelming choice and really hone in your options. Even better it was marked down. I got my dress for 40% off. She's amazing! Then I hurt myself and wedding plan, job, everything stopped. I had to move back home for my mom to take care of me in Houston. BRIDAL CONNECTION held my dress for me longer than they agreed to because of my situation and I hadn't paid it off. They helped me in several ways as I couldn't get there to pick it up or complete payment. I am so grateful that they generously assisted me in such a difficult time and just that fact alone shows their true heart behind their business. They are in it for the right reasons and do take care of their brides! For me, it wasn't buy the dress and bye. They develop relationships many boutiques don't. THANK YOU